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At Tulele we understand that every young woman wants to Feel Important.

That is why TULELE offers exclusivity in silhouettes, colors, forms, textures, materials, in each of every one of our designs.  Tulele reflects the personality of the young women who wears them.

Girls: from age 1 to 8; Pre-adolescent: from age 8 to 12; Adolescent: from age13 and up.

Tulele is for the young woman who is looking for life experiences with each new day.   Our brand also offers healthy consumer habits for an exclusive and exquisite market.

We are a fun and spontaneous brand with a keen, refined, and vanguardist attitude; we aim to show the true happy personality of the young women that wear our clothes. Our main objective is that at a young age TULELE becomes the favorite brand for young women, and to use our products as a platform to develop and project their personalities. We are different because we always provide the best quality and greatest variety in our products. Our clothes offer the greatest comfort and assurance with stunning hand-made details made by Mothers from our country, Colombia. We project ourselves as an international brand that complies with all standards of quality demanded by international regulations. In the near future, we see ourselves as a top and recognized brand all over the world.


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